Yo, adicto

Based on the life of Javier Giner, author of the self-titled memoir, Alea Media’s latest offering for Disney+ is a powerful and poignant exploration of addiction and recovery.


Javier Giner, a high-flying professional in the audiovisual industry, makes a life-altering decision at the age of 29: he voluntarily enters a rehabilitation center. Despite being perceived by those around him as a brilliant individual, Javier has hit rock bottom. Unable to cope with his existential angst and the pain it inflicts, he has been trapped in a downward spiral of alcohol, cocaine, and toxic relationships. Javier’s journey inside the rehabilitation center, nestled on the outskirts of Barcelona, marks the most transformative chapter of his life. It’s a voyage from self-destruction to self-discovery. His story of overcoming addiction is filled with a cast of remarkable characters: his fellow patients, the dedicated professionals, and his supportive family. It’s a tapestry of moments that are raw, tender, uncomfortable, and humorous – a poignant chronicle of light and hope emerging from the depths of despair.

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