Blowing Kisses

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Alea Media produced “Blowing Kisses”, the first Spanish miniseries for Disney+. Aitor Gabilondo served as executive producer.


Amidst the challenges and uncertainties brought by the pandemic, “Blowing Kisses” weaves together the stories of seemingly unconnected individuals, each facing their own unique struggles. At the heart of the narrative is Javi (Paco León), a compassionate nursing assistant hopelessly smitten with the aloof and stern Dr. Cabanas (Leonor Watling). Javi’s empathetic nature and willingness to go the extra mile lead him to take on a delicate task: serving as a bridge between patients isolated in the ICU and their worried families. Seeking to alleviate the emotional burden for both parties, Javi begins to embellish the messages shared between families, infusing them with optimism and humor.

Premiere 2021 | Season 1


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