Fuerza de paz

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Fuerza de paz

“Fuerza de paz” is a series by Alea Media for Televisión Española.


In a remote corner of the African wilderness, Sergeant Paula Elgueta (Silvia Alonso) and her fellow soldiers successfully liberate women and girls from the clutches of slavery. This mission marks another triumph for the Spanish peacekeepers stationed in Equatorial Guinea. However, Paula’s elation is shattered when she receives a distressing call from her fiancé, Hugo (Carlos Serrano), who is also part of the contingent. Stationed at the Bonaki base in the south of the country, Hugo’s voice is filled with anguish as he implores Paula to listen, hinting at a revelation that will shake her to the core. Abruptly, the call ends, leaving Paula in a state of shock and uncertainty. The next morning, she is devastated to learn of Hugo’s apparent suicide. Consumed by grief and suspicion, Paula refuses to accept the official narrative and embarks on a relentless pursuit of the truth.

Premiere 2022 | Season 1


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