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Created by Aitor Gabilondo and Joan Barbero, and produced by Alea Media for Mediaset España, “Mothers: Love and Life” is a poignant series that celebrates the unwavering love and resilience of mothers.


Set primarily within the walls of a hospital, the series follows the intertwining lives, struggles, and unbreakable bonds of a group of mothers. Despite their seemingly diverse backgrounds – from cashiers and journalists to lawyers – they share a common thread: their children are all patients at the same hospital. Putting their professional lives on hold, these women navigate the challenges of medical diagnoses, the uncertainties of their children’s health, and the relentless passage of time. Amidst these trials, they find solace and strength in one another, forming an unbreakable support system that helps them face each day with courage and determination.

Premiere 2020 | Season 1
Premiere 2021 | Season 2
Premiere 2022 | Season 3
Premiere 2023 | Season 4


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