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Based on Fernando Aramburu’s acclaimed novel of the same name, “Patria” is a powerful and poignant miniseries produced by Alea Media for HBO Europe. Created and produced by Aitor Gabilondo, the series received unanimous critical acclaim upon its premiere on HBO Spain, hailed as “the most comprehensive and accurate audiovisual portrait of ETA before, during and after the years of lead” (El Mundo, 19/09/20). It has also clinched several awards, including the Premio Platino for Best Ibero-American Cinematographic Series, the Premio Platino for Best Series Creator, the Premio Ondas for Best Drama Series, the Premio MIM for Best Miniseries, and earned a nomination for an International Emmy, among others.


As ETA announces its disbandment, Bittori (Elena Irureta) visits her husband Txato’s grave, murdered by ETA terrorists, to inform him of her decision to return home. Can she coexist with those who harassed her before and after the attack that shattered their lives? Can she find out who the hooded figure was who killed her husband? Bittori’s presence disrupts the false tranquility of the town, especially for her neighbor Miren (Ane Gabarain), a former close friend and mother of Joxe Mari (Jon Olivares), an imprisoned terrorist and suspect of Bittori’s worst fears. What happened between these two women? The story of their lives before and after Txato’s death speaks to the impossibility of forgetting and the need for forgiveness in a community torn apart by political fanaticism.

Premiere 2020 | Season 1


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