Unauthorized Living

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Alea Media’s production for Mediaset España took Spain by storm, becoming the most-watched series of 2018 with an average audience share of 19%. Its success continued with the premiere of its second season in March 2020, drawing nearly 2 million viewers per episode and securing a spot in Netflix’s top 10 most-watched series in Spain. Starring Jose Coronado and Álex González, the series is an adaptation of a story by renowned Galician writer Manuel Rivas.


“Unauthorized Living” delves into the intricate life of Nemesio “Nemo” Bandeira (Jose Coronado), a man who has amassed wealth through illicit activities. However, he has masterfully laundered his past, transforming himself into one of Galicia’s most influential businessmen through his successful canning company. When Nemo receives an alzheimer’s diagnosis, he desperately tries to conceal his illness to avoid appearing vulnerable. Meanwhile, he sets in motion a plan to choose his successor, sparking a tumultuous chain of events within his family.

Premiere 2018 | Season 1
Premiere 2020 | Season 2


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