Urban, la vida es nuestra

Prime Video

Produced by Alea for Mediaset and Prime Video, “Urban, la vida es nuestra” is a captivating story based on an original idea by Aitor Gabilondo and Jota Aceytuno.


Bound by fate, Lola (María Pedraza) and Yanet (Asia Ortega) embark on a journey to Málaga, seeking an escape from their troubled present and an uncertain future. United by their shared dream of making it big in the world of urban music, they set out to find their place in the world. Along the way, they encounter Patrick (Bernardo Flores), a rising star in the urban music scene who is on the brink of success. The three protagonists find themselves entangled in a love triangle, amidst betrayals and endless nights where ego, love, rivalry, and unresolved issues dictate the course of events.

Premiere 2023 | Season 1


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