Wrong Side of the Tracks

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Crafted by Aitor Gabilondo and David Bermejo, “Wrong Side of the Tracks” took the Spanish television world by storm, marking the highest-rated national fiction premiere with a 19.7% share and the highest prime-time viewership for a Spanish series in recent years. Its success extended to Netflix, where it became a global sensation. In December 2023, Netflix unveiled its top 100 most-watched series globally for the first half of the year, and “Wrong Side of the Tracks” was part of it thanks to its first two seasons captivating audiences worldwide.


Love, though often disguised, drives the actions that intertwine in the gritty neighborhood of Entrevías. Tirso Abantos (Jose Coronado), a solitary ex-military man running a local hardware store, finds his life turned upside down when a family incident forces him to take temporary custody of his granddaughter, Irene (Nona Sobo). A rebellious and defiant young woman of Vietnamese descent, Irene has proven to be beyond her mother’s control.

In an attempt to straighten Irene out, Tirso is pulled out of his routine and thrust into the role of an accidental hero. His crusade is aided by Ezequiel (Luis Zahera), a corrupt yet charming and sly cop who sees an opportunity to exploit Tirso’s anger and reclaim his position as the true “king” of Entrevías.

Premiere 2022 | Season 1

Premiere 2022 | Season 2

Premiere 2024 | Season 3

Coming Soon | Season 4


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